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Филиппинская няня - Natalie
Natalie Derkach 33 года
Национальность Канада
Когда приезжает: в Москве
  • 2014-2016 Private English Tutor Moscow
    Teach English of all levels to children and adults one on one.
  • 2011-2016 Event Manager
    Manage staff responsible for event coordination activities.
    Coordinate details of events such as conferences, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, charity events, surprise parties, trade shows, sales meetings, business meetings, employee appreciation events and virtual events.
    Hire, train, and educate staff on proper event procedures.
    Calculate budgets and adjust when necessary.
    Book venues and negotiate fees.
    Prepare invitations and send out at appropriate time.
    Hire bartenders and wait staff.
    Work with guest of honour to ensure all requests are met.
    Drive attendance to the event.
    Promote the event using flyers, cold calling, and social media as examples of ways to spark attention.
    Analyze event performance and prepare metrics presentation.
    Define company brand through events.
    Ensure staff is adequately prepared for event.
    Pay vendors for their participation in the event.
    Provide receipts if needed.
    Ensure day of event goes smoothly.
    Set up booths, flowers, decorations, and other event decor.
    Plan menus, order food, and hire chefs or caterers.
    Sample food, including main dishes and desserts.
    Give final approval for items such as music and menus
  • 2007-present Translator and Content Writer
    Freelance Translator and Text Editor
    Experience includes translating, interpreting, simultaneous translation, content editing and proofreading.
  • 2012-2014 Governance Coach (Canada,
    Brand manager
    *Develop strategies to exploit market opportunities
    *Deliver the sales volume, market share, and profit projections for the business.
    *Budget planning
    *Prepare proposals and company brochures that are distributed to potential clients
    * Provide all event coordination for seminars and workshops including accommodations, audio visual, catering and team building requirements for all the participants and staff.
    * Development and distribution of e-mail marketing material.
    * Manage the planning of multiple events while adhering to time restraints and budget restrictions
    * Take initiative by tracking potential projects and leads to further the company's client list ;
    * Compile marketing list, maintaining and updating the company website, client database and social media platforms ;
    * Assemble educational and promotional material that is distributed to client all over North America ;
    * Demonstrate excellent communication skills through the management of phone inquiries, mailing correspondence, placing supply orders, typing memos and preparing presentations ;
    * Newsletter distribution to current and potential clients
  • 2011 Calgary Honda
    Warranty engineer
    * Expressed strong logistical and organizational skills by preparing, submitting, and arranging warranty claims ;
    * Processed all warranty paperwork to ensure quality and that it met criteria required by Honda Canada ;
    * Demonstrated strong organizational skills by keeping all factory recalls and announcements up-to-date ;
    * Reconciled all warranty receivables and worked with the accounting department to obtain payments ;
    * Organized vehicle inspections and worked with sublet companies to arrange repairs
  • 2006-2008 LaPlaya Tan Canada
    Salon manager
    * Participated in the planning and conduction of monthly staff meetings
    * Assisted in the orientation and training of new employees.
    * Responsible for the ongoing process of employee development through continued sales training and mentoring.
    * Planned, directed and coordinated marketing programs.
Дополнительно: I possess a wide range of personal and professional skills, some of those skills are: good communication skills, strong attention to detail, i handle pressure and stressful situations well, very adaptable and organized. I get along with different kinds of people well. My hobbies include: writing, travelling, yoga

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