Why Philippines

10 facts why hiring employees from the Philippines is a better choice!

  • Filipino employees are considered to be the best in many countries of the world. Have you ever noticed that staff of deluxe hotels is often brought from the Philippines?
  •  Filipinos are genetically respectful to their employer, especially if he/she is European.
  • They are very tactful, never too nosy and never interfering. An assistant like that is never in the way, while your house is spotlessly clean.
  • They speak very good English. English will become the second spoken language in your family.
  • They get along with children very well – they play, read and laugh together, moreover, they do it sincerely, with genuine pleasure.
  • They don’t speak any Russian (except some conventional phrases), and therefore “washing your dirty linen in public” is out of the question.
  • They always look very neat and clean.
  • They can cook exotic Asian dishes, seafood dishes, and the perfect table setting will amaze your guests.
  • Hospitality and a good will are essential features of a Filipino character.
  • Financial expectations of Filipinos are much lower than those of our local employees. For instance, a nanny’s salary doesn’t exceed 800 dollars, if you cover her travel expenses.
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