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Filipino nannies, housekeepers from the Philippines

Your child looks neat, is lavished with care and attention, speaks good English, and your house is spotlessly clean?

Your nanny get $1000 salary and proud of her job?

If all that is so, your nanny is definitely a Filipino!

What are the reasons for choosing Filipinos?

Let’s get acquainted! recruitment agency will provide Filipino staff for your home fast and efficiently. We will prove to you that hiring employees from the Philippines is the best solution for you if you need any kind of help around the house or looking after your child.

We came up with the idea of project in 2006. By then all of us and most of our friends already had babysitters and housemaids. And surely we had plenty of complaints: he/she doesn’t clean up the house properly, refuses to cook, constantly complains that employers come late from work and that the payment is not high enough, and, moreover, you see that your child looks unkempt and misbehaves a lot.

A Filipino nanny that appeared in our home turned out to be a real treasure! Then we helped our friends and relatives to bring nannies and housemaids from the Philippines. Everybody was very happy with them and, more so, they keep extending visas for their house assistants for years.

At present recruitment agency is a team of professionals with an over 3-year long experience in this field and a passion for their work.

We have the best Filipino candidates in our database who have experience of work in families in Singapore, Honkong and the Emirates. We are always ready to provide you with the best domestic assistants from the Philippines!

So if you are facing a choice this website is just what you need! Read, think it over, choose. Maybe 10 facts about Filipino employees based on our clients’ comments will help you make your decision…

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