Our guarantees

We specialize in employees from the Philippines of any qualification
and level of expertise.

We make a point of not dealing with employees from Russia!

We are sure that Filipino staff is the best solution for you in anything that concerns help around the house and childcare.

The idea and vision of Filippinki.ru project give us an advantage over other agencies. We deal only with this country and thus we are familiar with all the ropes and details of the complicated registration procedure.

First of all, we approach selection of every employee on one-to-one basis. We offer you the best candidates from our database, we collect several photos, copies of diplomas and certificates.

Second of all, we offer video interview with candidates that you can conduct yourself, ask all the questions and get all the answers face to face with the candidate. This is a very important point as you are choosing a nanny or an assistant that will enter your home, and therefore you need to like everything about her – starting with the way she smiles to the certificate she has.

We get a personal invitation and work permit for every employee. You should be prepared that this procedure takes a while – at least 5 weeks. But it is absolutely worth waiting, the candidate will be chosen to match your criteria and carefully screened.

We don’t work with “stray” nannies and housemaids who have come to Moscow by themselves and are ready to take up any kind of work. Also we don’t bring Filipinos who have already worked in Russia, because usually an employer never lets go a good specialist.
For impatient clients there are always some Filipinos who work for us and we can offer you a temporary nanny or housemaid till your own employee arrives.

The last stage, which consists of a thorough overall medical examination, getting a visa in the Philippines and the journey to Moscow, takes about 2-3 weeks. After that we teach the employees and help them adapt and then he/she moves into your house.
So let’s sum up.

We guarantee for the employer:

  • Employee selection on one-to-one basis to match your criteria
  • Getting all official papers ready as soon as possible
  • Overall medical examination of the employee
  • Training and adaptation upon arrival to Moscow
  • Replacement in case of not meeting your requirements
  • Prolongation of the one-year contract upon your request
  • Assistance and consultation any time on any issues

And there is still more.

Why is it a common thing to give guarantees only to Clients? What about the employees?

One of the principles of our company’s code of practice is being at all times attentive and caring towards the employees. We assure you that a nanny or a housemaid who lives and works in good conditions will apply herself fully to work and exceed your expectations times and times again.

Demands of Filipinos are very modest. Just imagine that in their home country an average salary is 60 dollars a month, and the average amount of children in a family is 5.

However, we have witnessed such cases when nannies were asked to sleep in the garage and eat expired products.

We ask our clients to provide the following minimum of living and working conditions for their employees:

  • 8-hour sleep
  • Food (rice makes up to 2/3 of a Filipino’s daily diet, they are simply not used to other products and most probably wouldn’t want to eat them)
  • Inexpensive winter clothes (a winter jacket, boots, hat, gloves)
  • A small separate room or one shared with the child (accommodation in one room with a grown-up is unacceptable, unless it is a nursing mother)
  • Monthly salary of at least 1000 US dollars
  • One day-off a week
  • A 1-month vacation after 1 year of work

As a rule, no daily routine problems ever arise with Filipinos. We ask every new family if they are happy with their assistants.

The answers we get are very similar to one another: “The way my Filipino assistant works is above all expectations, I don’t think I can now ever do without this new level of service”

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