Special offers

1. Nanny for 1 day!

Should you doubt if a Filipino nanny is suitable for your child, we are ready to help you make this decision.

Our company can arrange a nanny to come spend one day at your home. This will be a well-trained and experienced nanny who already lives and works in a family and whose employers have let her spend one day with your child.

You will be able to evaluate the childcare skills, the good will and the level of English. And also simply understand if you like having Filipino employees.

You can use this service only once and only after you have signed a short agreement on one-day nanny’s work. This is a must, because we are not only responsible for the nanny’s quality of work, but for her safety as well.

2. A live-out housekeeper!

A live-out housekeeper is an option to cut down expenses if your home does not require as much work as to keep a live-in employee.
In this case we suggest you should choose several days a week when the housekeeper will visit you.

All household duties, such as cleaning the house or apartment, shopping, taking care of your pets, will be carried out precisely according to your particular planning.

This offer does not include nannies. We do not favor the practice of nannies working in several families, except if these are families of close relatives.

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