Domestic couples

We are often asked to find a married couple to maintain a holiday
house. The duties of such employees consist of round-the-clock
domestic help and the estate maintenance.

Usually the option of a Filipino couple – husband and wife – suits our customers perfectly. And that is no wonder because Filipinos are not afraid of any kind of work, they will not gossip about your private family affaires with neighbors and they will not try to make some money on the side while their employers are absent.

With a salary of 500$ a month their level of service will be above any comparison with the one provided by employees from our neighbor countries.

Responsibilities of a Filipino domestic couple (country property keepers):

  • full cleaning of all rooms, washing windows, care of furniture and equipment
  • washing up, ironing, making beds
  • service at picnic and barbeque parties, laying out and cleaning up the dishes
  • cooking meals at the employers’ arrival (upon prior arrangement)
  • running household errands (shopping, paying bills, etc.)
  • house keeping, any kind of reparatory work that does not require special qualification
  • obligatory keeping of accounts
  • diagnostics and maintenance of plumbing and electrical appliances, maintenance of tools and equipment
  • cleaning the territory, clearing the snow, gardening all year round
  • control over all the service staff in the house (at request)

In addition driver services are possible if a power of attorney is provided!

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