Baby nannies

When a baby is born in your family you live one of the happiest
times in your life. So many new emotions, joy and smiles!

But bringing up a child is constant round-the-clock hard work. Exhausting sleepless nights, a whirlwind of daily routine problems, a huge pile of things you never get to do…not to mention all the hows and ifs a young Mum needs to find answers to. In a situation like this a helping hand of an experienced reliable person is simply necessary.

We will offer you as baby nannies only candidates with experience of similar work. Most of our nannies have nursing, first aid and professional babysitting training certificates.

But the greatest advantage of a Filipino nanny is not about her education and certificates, it is her innate talent of getting along with children and her kind heart. If you decide to choose a Filipino nanny, sincere and loving attitude to your child is guaranteed!

It is very important to mention that a Filipino nanny will live in your home which means that once you organize efficient planning of daily routines you will be able to count on her help any time day and night. As a rule, Filipinas do not have a problem with taking care of all the night-time feeding or children waking up early in the morning.

Responsibilities of a Filipino baby nanny:

  • baby care (including getting up at night!)
  • keeping up established daily routines, preparing baby meals, feeding
  • walking and playing with the baby
  • bathing, hygiene routines, baby massage if needed
  • washing and ironing of the baby’s clothes and linen, cleaning up the baby’s room
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