Advantages of British nanny

«Ah, what a pleasure to know that you are a perfection»
(From movie “Mary Poppins”)

  1. Perfect spoken English language! All our candidates speak excellently, primarily British English.
  2. English grammar teaching! From the moment of acceptance for employment the governess will begin to teach basing on the teacher editions corresponding to the age of your child.
  3. Teaching of British style of behavior based on attentive and respectful attitude to the other people, teaching to avoid conflict situations, development of self-esteem and respect to the private life of the other people.
  4. Etiquette teaching. English etiquette is the embodiment of rigor and formality. The concept of “true gentleman and lady” originated in this country. Your governess will adopt the skills necessary to the child in any life situations: food acceptance, walking, meetings and communication with peers and grown-ups.
  5. British humor is sober-minded, full with kind irony and stunning charm. Ability to size up the situation correctly, to joke and communicate advisably with different people – this qualities will be developed by the governess in your child.
  6. Care for child’s wardrobe and cooking. You won’t need to hire the additional servant for your child. All our candidates are ready to take on these duties.
  7. Sport games and accompaniment of the child to studies. Upon your request we will select the specialist who will be engaged in different types of sport together with your child: horseback riding, golf, swimming, cycling, dancing, singing and even embroidery!
  8. Travel abroad for training and on vacation. Visa-free entry is opened for British citizens almost everywhere, so you can freely travel with nanny.
  9. Please, draw your attention that we give employment only to the candidates passed the professional training. It is Bachelor of Education Degree, Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Great Britain. Many candidates have Montessori Diploma, TOEFL certificate.
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