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Филиппинская няня - Samie
Samie Bijan 31 год
Семейное положение не в браке
Национальность Канада
  • 2015-present Pericles Law Center for International Legal Education (АНО «Перикл» центр американского права)
    GMAT Grammar Instructor
    -Prepare a class of professional adult students for the grammar section of the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), a standardized exam required in nearly all business graduate programs
    -Demonstrate and explain common pitfalls, classes of errors and experimental questions
    -Walk students through a wealth of sample tests to ensure ample practice
    -Offer useful and applicable advice on how to approach each question and manage time
    -Always attempt to elicit from class before revealing the correct answer and/or explanation
  • 2015-present The Most Games
    Translator/Editor/Proofreader (Russian <-> English) (Переводчик/Редактор/Корректор)
    -Independently proofread, edit and translate content and instruction manuals of various games, including intricate board games and video games in databases and documents
    -Routinely meet stringent deadlines
  • 2015-2016 Cambridge International School
    Biology Teacher (IGCSE & A Levels)
    -Teach a mixed-level class, with students in years 11 and 12
    -Follow a hybrid Cambridge curriculum comprising IGCSE & A-level material
    -Prepare students for the upcoming IGCSE examinations in May
    -Employ Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methods to allow ample opportunity for students to apply and consolidate class content
    -Create original, personalized tests and quizzes that fairly and accurately test students' knowledge
    -Maintain an open line of communication with the phase leader (department head) and school director
  • 2015 - present Cambridge International School
    Year 10 Instructor (English, Biology, Chemistry)
    -Serve as the year-10 homeroom instructor
    -Teach English (as a first and second language), biology and chemistry
    -Follow a hybrid Cambridge curriculum comprising IGCSE & A-level material
    -Prepare students for IGCSE examinations in their final year
    -Frequently use Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methods to allow students to apply their knowledge
    -Create original, personalized tests and quizzes that fairly and accurately tests students' knowledge
    -Maintain an open line of communication with the phase leader (department head) and school director
  • 2013-2016 Self-Employed Moscow
    Teacher of English & IELTS/Преподаватель английского языка и IELTS русскоговорящим
    -Prepare and run classes customized to meet the needs of Russian speakers of all stripes (ages 5-50+) in person and over Skype
    -Lessons range from 60-120 minutes in length
    -Employ a unique blend of CELTA-endorsed and communicative approaches to teaching
    -Tutor, test and give students useful tips for passing the IELTS
    -Invoke knowledge of Russian to explain complex grammatical structures and vocabulary
    -Assign, review (with the student) and evaluate all homework
    -Intuitively familiar with mistakes Russian speakers make in all aspects of English, including grammar, pronunciation and form (обширный опыт исправления часто совершаемых русскоговорящими ошибок)
  • 2015 Cambridge International School
    Year 4 Instructor
    -Taught and headed a class of 20 pupils between 7 and 9 years of age
    -Followed the Cambridge international curriculum and scheme of work for English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, adding own modifications to tailor class material according to student needs
    -Employed a wide range of learning aids and tools to apply and strengthen their knowledge, including audiovisual material and interactive educational games
    -Coordinated with Russian-program instructors to synchronize topics and ideas covered in class and avoid unnecessary repetition and overlap
    -Maintained an open line of communication with the phase leader (primary school head teacher) and school director
  • 2015 Wall Street Institute Moscow,
    Service Manager
    -Hired, trained and supervised all receptionists, bilingual and native teachers
    -Created dynamic, modular schedules for all staff members, maximizing students' options and giving staff some flexibility in selecting their hours of work
    -Stepped in routinely as a replacement for any ill or absent service staff member
    -Worked with the centre director in discussing sales, contracts, renewals and referrals
    -Addressed client grievances in both Russian and English, maintaining a high monthly student retention (contract renewal) rate
    -Worked simultaneously in two databases (SDS and CRM), managing and synchronizing data between them
    -Continued to fulfill all duties and responsibilities as a native teacher
    Wall Street Institute
    Native English Teacher
    -Ran personalized classes for students of all levels, from survival to mastery
    -Organized complementary classes, supplementary material
    -Led and prepare all original material for social clubs, where students discuss, debate and complete creative activities about a variety of topics, depending on their level of proficiency
    -Tracked students' progress via personal meetings and using the school SDS database
  • 2010-2012 Self-Employed (Canada)
    Tutor of English
    -Tutored a pair of young Canadian children (on a one-on-one basis) in English
    -Led them thoroughly through each lesson in their textbooks
    -Assigned, reviewed and graded original supplementary material to address weaknesses
  • 2008-2009 Thornlea Secondary School (Canada)
    Teaching Assistant/Помощник преподавателя (японского языка)
    -Regularly substituted for teacher to lead mini-lessons for students during class time
    -Graded all assignments
    -Comprehensively answered any questions before, during and after class
Дополнительно: Electronic certificates 2015 Certificate of Completion: How to Teach IELTS 2014 CELTA Степень бакалавра по естественным наукам (биохимия) Languages: English — native, Spanish — basic knowledge, Persian — I can attend an interview, Russian — I can attend an interview, French — basic knowledge, Japanese — basic knowledge About me My name is Bijan Samie and I am a Canadian-born and raised CELTA-qualified teacher currently working in Moscow as a teacher of IGCSE and A-level English (including ESL), Biology and Chemistry to high school students in an international school (in full accordance with international Cambridge curricula and standards of teaching). I have also recently begun translation and editing work in Russian and English. I teach the GMAT grammar component to prospective graduate students at an international law school in Moscow. I also have an advanced command of the Russian language and possess a certificate from the University of Cambridge for the completion of their IELTS online training course, as well as an Honours B.Sc. in biochemistry and a minor in macroeconomics. I have almost 1 year of experience teaching adults and children in Moscow, 2 years of experience teaching English in person and via Skype to Russian speakers of all stripes (ages 5-50+), 2 years of one-on-one experience tutoring a pair of young native speakers of English (ages 9 & 11) and one year in the classroom as a teaching assistant. Copies of any documents/proof available upon request.

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