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Филиппинская няня - Darya
Darya Beynon 33 года
Семейное положение не в браке
Национальность Великобритания
  • 2011-2013 Centre for the Development of English ‘Progress’, Lobnya, Russia
    Native English Teacher
    • Taught children aged 4 – 15 in groups and private lessons.
    • Gained greater knowledge of textbooks.
    • Preparation for KET examinations.
    • Preparation for PET examinations.
  • 2011-2016 Global Link, Metro Trubnaya, Moscow, Russia
    Native English Teacher/Tutor
    • Taught children aged 8 up to adults both private and in groups.
    • Preparation for KET examinations.
    • Preparation for PET examinations.
    • Preparation for FCE examinations.
    • Preparation for IELTS examinations.
    • Increased knowledge of textbooks.
    • English language level testing.
    • Taught Business English and General English to Corporate clientele.
  • 2012-2016 British staff, Metro Novy Arbat, Moscow, Russia
    Native English Teacher/Governess/Nanny
    • Taught children aged 2 – 16
    • Part-time Teacher at a Public High School including training and preparation for Trinity Examinations.
    • Part-time Governess experience on the outskirts of Moscow.
    • Part-time Nanny/Tutor for a 4 year old. (Involving caring duties).
    • Teaching English in an interactive way through activities and games.
    • Developing speaking and comprehension skills as well as reading, writing and grammar.
  • 2010 British Legion Club, Hartford, Cheshire, UK
    Part - time Bartender
    • Responsibility/job role: Serving customers, dealing with customer enquiries, dealing with numerous amounts of drink orders, providing a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, cleaning and tidying up before closing.
    • Skills gained: communication skills, time management skills, problem solving skills, team work, selling techniques, organisation.
  • 2010 Mar - July Payzone, Gadbrook Park, Northwich, Cheshire, UK
    Helpdesk Advisor
    • Responsibility/job role: Taking inbound phone calls mainly, some outbound (call centre role), dealing with customer enquiries/complaints and refunds, dealing with the technical side of Payzone terminals, posting the needed mail (such as financial information) to the customer.
    • Skills gained: knowledge of data input and additional I.T programs used at the company, working under pressure when faced with technical difficulties that affect all customers, problem solving, a good knowledge of all sectors of the company including the credit and sales department.
  • 2005-2006 Brewers Fayre, The Woodpecker Family Restaurant, Northwich, Cheshire, UK
    • Responsible for: satisfactory customer service- serving customers, meeting and greeting, providing friendly and polite atmosphere, dealing with complaints, keeping track of food and/or drink orders, increasing sales, preparing restaurant for the next day (before closing)- cleaning, tiding, stocking up.
    • Skills gained: communication skills, time management skills, problem solving skills, team work, selling techniques, organisation.
  • 2003 Davenham Primary School, Cheshire, UK,
    Work Experience - Classroom Assistant
    • Responsible for: Organising activities, teaching small groups of children, checking work, organising the classroom, observing and monitoring children, filling.
    • Skills gained: communication skills, time management skills, problem solving skills, high responsibility.
Дополнительно: Personal Profile A dedicated, enthusiastic and diverse TEFL certified Native English Speaker from Cheshire (UK), with over 3 valuable years of teaching experience. Since completing the TEFL course in Manchester in 2011 I have tackled a wide range of specialist areas of TEFL education from governess/nanny experience, schooling and tutoring to bettering the English language skills of corporate clientele. Along with my versatility, natural leadership and confidence; time management and preparation skills I conduct lessons with ease. I have adopted a pragmatic and fun approach to teaching combined with innovation which enables me to enthuse my learners from the beginning, successfully conveying all necessary objectives/knowledge throughout. Contrary to the characteristics of an autocratic leader, I possess cultural awareness, patience and tenacity promoting pupil progression and encouraging discussion, hence achieving rapport. Tendency to focus on fundamental principles of teaching that are essential for creating and sustaining an effective and cohesive learning environment: encouraging interaction and collaboration between students; reinforcing a student’s self-esteem; determining and formulating goals and objectives; fostering student learning; safeguarding and promoting a child’s wellbeing; adapting necessary lesson content to suit the learner(s), and managing student conduct are essential for creating and sustaining a comfortable learning environment. Career committed, I continuously engage in learning to broaden my knowledge and undoubtingly consider Teaching to be a self-fulfilling profession. Interests and Hobbies • Very creative! Passionate about Art, Textiles and Fashion Design. • Sports - especially tennis and bike riding • Socialising, trying new things and exploring cultural diversity • Reading to expand knowledge and the mind • Cooking Additional Skills I.T skills Computer literate. Good knowledge of all MS Office applications, adobe applications (Photoshop, Illustrator). Sewing Broadened knowledge of the construction of garments. Able to operate both domestic/industrial sewing machines. References Available on request.

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