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Филиппинская няня - Alex
Alex Radley William
Семейное положение не в браке
Национальность Великобритания
Когда приезжает: в Москве
  • 2015-2016 Moscow
    Private tutor
  • 2015 Out of work travelling South America and USA
    • During this time I did some volunteer work on eco farms, at an animal sanctuary and at language schools to further my knowledge when teaching English as a foreign language.
  • 2014 Moscow, Russia
    • Main focus of teaching a 7 year-old boy English through play and assistance with his homework.
    • Also spent time with his younger 4 year-old brother, acting as a role model and introducing him to the English language ready for school.
    • Starting with the family abroad, I read and was read to; helped with writing practice and spelling; created my own learning games or materials personally for the boys to use; made sure they were active or played sports daily; and always kept things engaging by creating games or working with arts and crafts.
  • 2013-2014 Moscow, Russia
    English Tutor
    • Teaching an intermediate level of conversational English to a 40 year-old business man, including learning through writing.
    • Teaching English to two children aged 6 and 7 in an interactive manner; playing games, every day conversation, arts and crafts etc.
    • Teaching a 10 year-old girl English at an upper-intermediate level through games, arts and craft and interaction. We also read and practiced writing in-line with her school studies, in order to advance at a high level at school.
  • 2012-2013 Youth Work Volunteer
    Winton Rec Centre, Bournemouth
    • Supervising youths (age 13-20) with learning difficulties during play and social interaction.
    • Organising recreational activities e.g. football training drills and matches.
    • Help with cooking, preparation and cleaning of the centre.
  • 2012-2013 Play Scheme Worker/Leader
    Fernheath Play Association
    • Planning and delivering recreational/educational activities for children aged between three to twelve years old
    • Working with groups and individual children to ensure all their needs are met
    • Always showing enthusiasm to encourage children to participate
    • Ensuring all areas were safe for children to use by carrying out risk assessments
  • 2012 Barman/Waiter/Entertainer
    Belvedere Hotel, Bournemouth
    • Catering to the needs of a wide range of people, whether it was behind the bar, at a table or in their rooms
    • Working well in a team, and under great pressure, to deliver a high level of service in a busy city-center hotel
  • 2011-2012 Waiter
    Hideaway Jazz & Comedy Club
    Streatham, London
    • Working well under pressure in a very busy and demanding environment
    • Always ensuring customers were happy and their needs were met
  • 2010 Food & Beverage Assistant
    Milford Golf Club, Surrey
    • Always communicating well with guests and ensuring that their needs were met
    • Working as an individual and as part of a team whenever necessary
  • 2008-2009 Summer Play Scheme Worker
    Boredom Busters, Bournemouth
    • Leading various recreational/educational activities for four to twelve year olds
    • Supporting groups, individuals and SEN children during activities
    • Communicating well with the children for all their individual needs
Дополнительно: I am a motivated, adaptable and benevolent worker. My approachable nature and innate communication skills mean that I can fit into different vocations with ease. I am upbeat, immaculately presented and remain professional at all times in work; whilst evoking a friendly demeanour. I have the ability to work independently, use my own initiative and prioritise whilst under pressure. Most recently I have worked in private households, forming strong bonds with the children I teach, the employers and surrounding family. I relish the satisfaction of watching a young learner develop through work and play; and thrive to create a positive experience at such an important stage in their lives. Hobbies and Interests I enjoy listening to music and watching films and have a great interest in the food, fashion and entertainment industries too. I go to the gym four times a week as I feel it is important to maintain a fit and healthy body. Being at University was beneficial in terms of my life experience when it came to living, time management, studying and researching – but most notably enabled me to make friends and network with people from across the world. This has led me to take an interest in other cultures and inspired me to travel. In recent years I have also taken a keen interest in becoming very healthy, learning to cook this way and rigorously researching the benefits of natural foods and products. I am a male, British citizen and have not been convicted of any offences. References available on request

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