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Филиппинская няня - Chloe
Chloe St Clair Stannard 33 года
Национальность Великобритания
  • Present Drama teacher at The Jewish Cultural Centre Barrikadnaya - every Saturday I teach three/four drama classes in English, to Russian children aged between 4-10 years old. I play lots of different games with them, sing songs with them and read English storybooks to them and then they act out scenes from the story book (mainly Julia Donaldson books.) 

    Actress in LondonGrad Russian TV Series. I am playing the part of Linda, a new English barmaid at Less restaurant/bar.

    The Leading lady in Flying Bananas Children's Theatre Company. Our company have recently secured a residency with The Stanivlasky Electro Theatre on Tverskaya. We put on children's shows in English for the public and private parties. Our best seller is The Gruffelo by the amazing Julia Donaldson. Our shows are very high energy and are popular due to the interactive manner in which we tell the stories. 

    Voiceover for Tactics, a new Russian computer game. 
    Voiceover for London Grad TV series. 

    Private English tutor/ nanny to 4 year old Russian girl- for the last two years I have been working part time tutoring and nannying a very intelligent 4 year old Russian girl. I work 8 hours a week with her and go away in the summer with her and her family. 

    Private tutor to 3 children in a Russian family. Every Sunday I work six hours with three children (7,9 and 12 years old) from a Russian family near the Barvikha luxury village. 
    I help them with reading, writing, speaking and grammar. 

    Private English tutor for two girls aged 7&9 I spend 6 hours a week doing sit down English lessons to improve reading, writing, speaking and grammar.
  • Nov 2013- Feb 2014 Private governess/tutor for a family with 4 children in Moscow. I had just moved from London to Moscow to live with a Russian family and teach English for 4 hours a day to four very sweet children aged from 3 to 8. As I come from a drama background a lot of my teaching is through imaginative play and songs which works really well with this age group.
  • April 2013-November 2013 Teaching Assistant: I have worked at 4 schools in London. I have worked with mostly primary aged children as well as some secondary school children. I assisted the teacher in their lessons and worked one to one with some students who struggled to keep up with their work. I also took over when the teacher was away or out of the class room.
  • July-Sept 2013 Drama Practitioner with The Challenge Network. I worked with young people aged between 15-17. I worked for 2 months over the summer leading sessions teaching drama to 12 teams of 12 young people. This role included taking the teams on visits to local community groups (including homeless centers and elderly care homes) so that the young people can pass on their skills, culminating in a showcase performance.
  • Jan 2012- Sept 2013 Private Nanny.
    I looked after 6 children from 3 families aging between 6months to 7 years. My main Nanning job was for a 1 year old boy. My duties included: cooking, feeding, cleaning up after him, changing nappies, playing, a lot of reading, napping, ensuring he was safe at all times, play dates, swimming, a lot of soft play and making him laugh! I have a lot of energy and creativity which helps to keep the children entertained and happy. I also have a firm but fair way of working as I believe discipline is a very important tool when caring for a child. I love working with children and assisting in their growth and development.
  • Sept 2012-Feb 2013 Charity Fundraising Campaign Coach.
    I had to listen to calls and give fundraisers individual feedback and monitoring forms. My role was to support and encourage fundraisers to constantly improve the quality of their calls in order to raise more money for charity. I mainly trained new fundraisers in how to make good calls.
  • 2008-2011 Drama workshop leader at Loughton Youth Theatre.
    I had my own class of 15 children and for two hours on a Thursday evening I would teach all different aspects of drama. We would often put on shows at the end of the term. We put on plays such as 'Alice in Wonderland' 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'The 'Demon Headmaster' to just name a few.
Дополнительно: I am a fun, hard working and creative person who is very easy to get on with. I am intelligent, kind and I love children and interacting with them on a diverse nature. I adore drama, acting and anything remotely theatre based. I consider myself to be a very out going and confident person, with a good sense of humour. I love teaching drama, as it\'s so gratifying to see how a child\'s confidence can grow so much through drama. It is also such a good way to learn English which is also really nice to see. I am reliable, honest and committed to the task in hand until it is completed to the best of my ability. I am a very well mannered and caring person who always loves to see others smile.

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