Taking care of old or sick people is an honored profession
in the Philippines. All our candidates have either a medical nurse
education or elderly and sick care training.

This is hard work, especially form a psychological point of view. But Filipinos are exceptionally good at it, as they possess an innate sense of tact, kindness and compassion. Please consider beforehand if the patient will feel comfortable around someone who speaks only English.

We advise you to ask us film a couple of interviews and show them to the one who needs care. Choosing an assistant and expecting his/her arrival can be a nice distraction for a sick or elderly person.

Responsibilities of a Filipino nurse:

  • watching the patient’s condition (taking temperature, blood pressure)
  • following the doctor’s instructions (giving medicine, carrying out necessary manipulations, bandaging, injections)
  • cooking meals and feeding the patient
  • sanitary care (changing sheets and bedpans, showering, room ventilation
  • full cleaning of the patient’s room
  • walking the patient, communication, reading, watching movies
  • running the patient’s or family’s errands (anything from shopping to paying the bills)
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