Filipino housekeepers

Search for housekeepers is one of the most common reasons
why people turn to our agency. That is understandable as a modern
home cannot do without proper cleaning, and it is not rational for
a busy person to do this work him/herself.

As we have already told you Filipino employees are the best choice for all your household needs. Your housekeeper will clean up your house or apartment, wash the windows, do the laundry and ironing and all that staying him/herself almost invisible. In the morning your bed is made, fresh juice and breakfast are ready and your shoes are polished. You do not need to worry any more about walking your dog, shopping or any annoying daily routines.

The fact that your Filipino assistant speaks only English is a great advantage, as you and your family can keep communicating at ease in your native language without worrying that someone outside the family is listening to you.

One more important point is that all candidates we offer have housekeeping work experience. As a rule, that means a 4 to 5-year work contract in Singapore or other Asian countries. Qualifications of employees with such experience are above all expectations of even the most demanding Russian and European clients.

Responsibilities of a Filipino housekeeper:

  • cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and moist mopping, window washing (using modern cleaning technology and various detergents)
  • hand and machine washing of clothes and linen
  • ironing, VIP wardrobe care (washing, cleaning, ironing)
  • help cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • running small errands: paying the bills, picking up dry cleaning, shopping
  • walking pets

Any kind of schedule is possible for a housekeeper, this can be a live-in employee or one visiting your house the required number of days a week.

Housekeeper, nanny and nurse responsibilities can be combined if you wish so.

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