Those who have a gorgeous garden are well aware how much hard
work and expenses this beauty requires. One has to keep his head
down working on it since early spring till late autumn.

A Filipino gardener is a qualified employee who will take professional care of your garden, flower beds and fruit and vegetable crops. Depending on your requirements we will find a professional employee with work experience at a good hotel or fruit farming. All you need to do when the gardener arrives is to explain the peculiarities of our climate and describe what you want your garden to look like.

It is worth mentioning that a Filipino gardener can also carry out any jobs around the house, minor reparations, cleaning utility rooms and other instructions of yours.

Responsibilities of a Filipino gardener:

  • lawn, flower and garden care
  • trimming the trees, creating a verdant hedge
  • planting and nourishing plants
  • maintaining both the exterior and interior gardens
  • full general maintenance of the territory
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