A cook specialized in Asian cuisine dishes is a topic worth
mentioning in a separate section. More and more Russian families
are willing nowadays to change the traditional heavy and fat Russian diet for something new.

With a Filipino cook you will discover all the variety of seafood and rice dishes. Your everyday meals will be enriched by dishes of various types of noodles, vegetables, shrimps and prawns. The unforgettable curry (a chicken or meat dish with curry sauce served with rice) will amaze your guests.

Fresh juices, light desserts and a lot of fruit dishes will delight the little members of your family.

And the professional cook will undoubtedly get familiar very soon with all your eating habits and desires and learn to serve your favorite Russian and European dishes.

Some lovers of good food just give us the name of a restaurant or a hotel when they turn to us, and we are prepared for such requests and will find you a chef of any level of qualification.

Responsibilities of a Filipino cook:

  • drawing up daily and weekly menus as approved with you
  • laying out the table for all meals of the day
  • cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • preparing children’s “school breakfasts”, observing eating habits of the little family members
  • preparation for receiving guests, special occasions table layout, organization of receptions and field events
  • cleaning up, care of dishes, brass and silver
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