“House is the place where it is possible not to adapt. Not to control the words”

Dear clients! You may ask all questions by the telephones:

+7 903 130 94 10 – telephone of Agency “”

If you call for the first time and one of telephone numbers doesn’t answer, it means that manger conducts the meeting. We will certainly call you back!

You can also fulfill the application for personnel selection or to write us to e-mail: We usually call back in one or two hours.

If you are our favorite Client, please, call directly to the manager conducting your agreement – it will help us to react to your request as soon as possible.

Our address: “Sokol” underground station, Maliy Peschaniy pereulok 2a, entrance from the side.
Working hours of office: from 10.00 till 19.00 Office managers Nadezhda, Yulia

How to reach us:


Dear Clients, if you visit us for the first time, please, learn variants of approach roads to the Agency “”. The building is located directly in the Artist’s village.

Please, draw your attention that Maliy Peschaniy pereulok street has one-way movement:

  1. If you drive from the Moscow region from Volokolamskoe highway – You should drive to the double road 500 m before “Sokol” underground station, and turn right after house 1 to the side-street, before house 77, “Yaposha” restaurant is located in it. Then drive for about 100 meters to our building at the address: Maliy Peschaniy pereulok, house 2a.
  2. If you drive from the Moscow region from Leningradskoe highway – you should cross Leningradskoe highway by the small road and to drive directly after the traffic light, having left house 77 and “Yaposha” restaurant from the left side.
  3. If you drive from centre of the city – you should turn back near “Sokol” underground station and turn right to Peschanaya street and to cross Alabyana street, driving to Surikova street. Then you turn back inside the village in the nearest right side-street and you are on Maliy Peschaniy pereulok – one-movement street.
  4. If you drive from Alabyana street (from Zvenigorodskoe highway) – You should also drive to Peschanaya street, to turn back on it and to drive to Surikova street, crossing Alabyana street.

It will take 7-10 minutes walking. Exit from “Sokol” underground station in direction to Alabyana street, then go along Alabyana street to “Azbuka Vkusa” shop, cross the road and you will find our building on the opposite side – red free standing building with Wai Thai sign. Entrance to the Agency from the side.

With best regards,
“” collective

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